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Custom Cabinets That Suit You

When you work with William Stone & Tile, our designers computer generate an 3D image of your new kitchen or bathroom, with your new cabinets, to meet your individual tastes and lifestyle. All of your cabinetry is designed and built specifically for you, and with your need in mind. Our company focuses on your satisfaction – always – and gives you a choice of terrific options for the look and feel of your new installations.

New Kitchen Cabinets: A Must

With more people entertaining at home than ever before, kitchens today must be up to date, stylish, and above all, functional. Outfitted for serious cooking and entertaining, the kitchen provides the center of gathering for friends, relatives, and loved ones.

Whether you are installing new kitchen cabinets, refacing and renovating your bathroom, or just updating, it is our pleasure to assist you in bringing your dream of custom cabinets to life. We bring you the latest and most elegant styles from around the world in a variety of designer finishes and colors, so that you have options when you want to leave a lasting impression on all your guests.

To learn more about our custom cabinet capabilities, or schedule your FREE personalized estimate, contact us today or call us at 910-353-1222.